Monday, February 14, 2005

(R) Kissed on Valentine's Day

(... by a 3-ton lorry no less, last year. Already maleless and flowerless, that incident also rendered the author penniless and carless.

This year, still maleless and flowerless, she resolves to stay home and maintain her NCD.

Happy Valentine's everyone! @;-- )


Anonymous said...

That's a BIG 'LOL', the bestest things comes to those who wait, esp. for someone special like you, you can have mine if you want ... ewww - Wanie.

Nastasshea said...

Hie Ms Choy!! Happy Valentine's Day to you too! DUn worry..i was dateless and still maleless as well! Har HAr! We singles will rule the world!

Buaya69 said...

ok ok, i go promote you. gerenti more buaya's come to your blog. want or not? hehehe ;)