Sunday, May 15, 2005

(R) Of Anagrams and Mammograms

On this early Sunday morning when brains do not function at 100%, an all-female team who called themselves The Unholy Trinity set forth to tackle the AIESEC Alumni Malaysia Charity Walk Hunt.

Imagine this scene - 3 rookie hunters lugging a thesaurus (the size of a small stool) and 3 dictionaries up and down the shopping mall.

We made two discoveries:
1. Writers are no good with anagrams. Really.
2. We are incapable of walking and thinking (really hard) (at the same time)

Nonetheless, the mammogram of our chests revealed a glossy picture of "spirit".

We did great girls ;)


Anonymous said...

Well, a good starting experience no doubt, normally this will get better as you take part in more and more hunt, walking or driving, soon you will find anagrams piece of cake! YL

Anonymous said...

misty gets mistier.. :) fk

chinoz said...

Woman, I think we did good. We scored 92 despite not knowing what the hell an anagram is or how it works.

And remember, none of us are those wacky MENSA brainiacs.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, anagrams & homonyms & container questions are a whole lot of fun once you get the hang of it. And there's no need to be MENSA brainiacs, just need to think laterally. Cheers from VT