Saturday, April 01, 2006

(R) 9MP

While the nation rolls out their Ninth Malaysia Plan, Break-a-Leg rolls out her Ninth Mental Plan for 2006 - 2010. She looks at 5 issues:

Reducing Income Equalities
As part of the poverty eradication programme to resolve the low-income blogger plight, break-a-leg finds herself a proper job

Rethinking Malaysian Education
Mother was right - I should have aimed for MRS before PHD

Making Speed a Competitive Advantage
With the increase in petrol price, drive faster to enhance fuel efficiency

Comprehensive Strategy to Engage China and India
Outsource the strategy development to India and manufacture the plan in China

Strengthening National Unity
Go watch GUBRA, sponsored by DiGi


tracy said...

haha! congrats and good to know you're back in full time employment;-) enjoy! in married??'s all about doing what's best in one's current situation;-) congrats on PhD aim for MRS;-)

gladys said...

good to hear that you finally settle for a proper job.

anyway, now that PhD is out of the way, the mission to obtain MRS should be coming soon... ;-)

kenshin said...

With a high paying job her future husband will not have to break a leg and arm to pamper her 24/7.

Break-A-Leg said...

PhD tak habis lagi lah. Still got 11 more laps before the checkered flag... ;)

im said...

Clap Clap Clap..

bila parlimen bersidang nih ehiks..
anyway congrats..