Thursday, January 12, 2006

Break-a-Leg Turns ONE!

Picture by TV Smith

My philosophy in life is to try something (not someone) new every year. Last year (2005) January, I decided to start a blog and I did.

70 posts later, I’m pleased to say that there are 877 people in my mailing list who did not ask me to Un Break My Leg. For those who did…how my heart breaks! Well, one must learn to accept rejection....

The Year in Summary


- Break-a-Leg gets to cover (and support) as much as a single female is humanly possible, performing arts in Malaysia

- Break-a-Leg was awarded a Fellowship by the Institute of Dance Criticism, American Dance Festival 2005 (Duke University)

- Break-a-Leg travels to Bali, Vietnam (Hanoi and Hoi An), America (San Francisco, Sacramento, Lake Tahoe, Monterey Bay, 17th Mile Drive, Durham, New York), Europe (Germany, Vienna, Hungary, Prague)


- Break-a-Leg gets the boot from Kakiseni’s Cameronian Arts Awards Dance Judging Panel for challenging the judging process (yes, I am a rebel!)

- Break-a-Leg did not finish her PhD (sigh...this year lah....)

- Break-a-Leg’s fixed deposit statement is reduced to passport stamps

For those who are still hobbling along with me, one-legged, warts and all, thank you for your support.


Yanzer Lee said...

Hi there Su Ling... Nice blog you have here... what i liked most is the pictures you inserted, nice... ( you see i am a visual person )...

keep it going!

keep in touch ya!

Your estudiante said...

Hi Su-Ling,

was just browsing here and noticed alot of performing arts reviews! I've always wanted to go for these but they are kinda hard on the pockets, and most of the time dont know they are on.

Resa said...

So ONE means One year rite..
You make me confusing.Miss, i thougt u have more than one blog.

Kim said...

hey girl,
remembered the sumptous buffet with me kat Lake Tahoe yeah :) great achievement for 2005. We are so blessed for all the great things in life .... hv fun exploring 2006 too, and complete ur PHD too ...

Ying said...

Hey! good job! very nice work! I am so glad to bump into this site on the internet! Happy dog's year!
stop by and sign the guest book of my dance diary. ciao,