Friday, December 02, 2005

(M) Nov 12, 2005 - An Evening With Czech Composers

Skoda-ville at last! Frankly, I've never seen so many Skodas in one city (but of course....)

So, finally, this KTB (katak bawah tempurung) set foot in Prague (or Praha, as the locals call it), Czech Republic. And naturally, wanting to try all things Czech, I opted for an "Evening with Czech Composers" by the Kapralova String Quartet, touted as the top Czech string quartet.

The concert was held at the Narodni Museum (National Museum) which I also explored earlier the same day. I found the building to be more interesting than what it exhibits - stones and bones.

The pieces performed were Meditation on the Old Czech Choral, St Wensceslas (J. Suk, 1874-1935), String Quartet No.5 (B. Martinu, 1890-1959), and String Quartet in F Major, Op. 96 (A. Dvorak, 1841-1904).

Unfortunately, my memory fails me, now 3 weeks after the performance. However, I do remember appreciating the livelier movement in each piece...especially after walking the whole day.

The most shocking part of the performance was that we had to sit on the staircase. I paid the student rate of 11 Euros (300 korunas). For adults, the price is 450 korunas. Relatively expensive when I compare that with the price I paid for my flight ticket (budget airline) i.e. 20 Euros (before tax).

Well, as least i got my Czech evening :)

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