Friday, October 07, 2005

(D) Oct 7, 2005 - Jamu III - Dance Photography

Break-a-Leg took 11 photobugs to Jamu III and introduced them to the world of dance photography.

The 11 were from the newly launched
Lensa Malaysia, a community of practice for serious photobugs.

"Lensa" is the Bahasa Malaysia word for lenses closely related to photographic camera. They make no distinction between SLR or compact camera photographers. Anyone with an eye for capturing an enduring imagery is welcomed to join the community.

This non-profit portal is put up together by a group of serious hobbyists in photography from various backgrounds - people who have migrated from film to digital, from compact point-and-shoot to dSLR, and people who find marvels in simple pocket-size cameras.

One such pocket-size digital camera owner is yours truly... :D (Look for my Lensa psuedo laracroft)

Photobugs at Jamu III

Fumbling in the dark at first, the frustrated photobugs found that dance photography was quite a challenge - both light and object eluded them.

A beautiful dance photo captures the moment - the facial expression, the movement, the contours of the body, the colours, the interplay of light and shadow.

Here are some great first attempts by Lensa:

Leonard's Album

Alex Moi's Album


Krista said...

Those photo's are beautiful. Nice work.

Krista said...
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Dorothy said...

Hi there, nice pics. i see you are into dance alot. Mind to intro me any good salsa dance studio in subang area? I'm interested to learn.

Break-A-Leg said...

Hi Dorothy,

I'm not sure how many schools offer Salsa in Subang but you can try Dance World (somehwhere in Taipan). The no. is 03-56323266.

Have fun!


Alan said...

Nice blog ! Will definitely read it as often as I can ...